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With the advent of science and technology in human development, the constant demand to basic necessities such as food, clothing and accommodation is ferocious. Increasing expectation and pressure exceeds supplies on all fronts as compared to days of old. However, intensive development requires extensive consumption of natural resources to support high-tech development. With Earth´s limited resources, the best will one day be totally exhausted. Today, we can find four of Earth’s major resources - water, air, soil and climate at critical stages; the degree of pollution and depletion is alarming. Perhaps, such global challenge to the planet´s ecological would have many questioning the significance of individual contribution. The bigger picture would require a global effort across nations and borders. If mankind is sincere in changing our lifestyle, or multi-national cooperation are willing to altering the mode of production; the planet would have another opportunity to recover.

YTL Natural Farm adopts the natural principle of sustainable approach in its farming operation and management. In simple terms, YTL engages the natural characteristics of flora and fauna for material growth and degradation; an identical optimization method to natural lifecycle for achieving ecological balance. Consequently, the use of harmful chemicals is unnecessary while yielding satisfactory harvest.

For a start, YTL Natural Farm is personally cultivated and tended with fruit trees and vegetables utilizing organic earthworm manure and homemade fruit enzymes as fertilizers and insecticide or pesticides. Earthworm manure is also known as ‘organic gold fertilizer’. As a result, the fruit trees and plants produces high yield that are both good in quality and sweet in taste, In addition, the trees and plants have higher resistance towards disease and insects or pests attack.

On the other hand, the usage of earthworm manure and enzymes in crop cultivation is insufficient. In addition to hiring hands for grass-cutting, YTL Natural Farm also raises the local kampong (village) chickens for grazing. The full advantage of free-range chickens in weeding, pests control and the distribution of animal fertilizers (chicken manure) is an approach toward environmental sustainability. Not only does it benefit the crops, the free-range chickens are of high nutritional value, meat quality and taste. Periodically, the chickens are given extra supplements i.e. earthworms as feed to promote its health and growth.

Naturally, the most frequent question asked (FAQ) would be: ‘what do earthworms eat /consume?’

At YTL Natural Farm, the earthworms are fed with specially cultivated and processed Taiwan breed Ma grass (Pennisetum alopecuroides or fountain grass). In recent years, researchers have discovered that Ma grass has medicinal effect on chronic diseases, such as: hypertension, diabetes, rheumatism, arthrtis, stroke and even other beneficial properties. A surge in demand has created a shortage in the traditional medicine supply market. It should be particularly noted that non-cultivated Ma grasses found along drainages (drains and canals) or by the roadside may be polluted by herbicides and contains high levels of contaminants that renders it unsuitable for worm feed.

In addition to cultivation of fruits, Ma grass (Pennisetum alopecuroides or fountain grass), chicken rearing and earthworm breeding; YTL Natural Farm has embark on fish breeding and duck rearing. Every fish pond has a separate water source input and output channel (to expel waste); in order to maintain the water quality & cleanliness. Ducks are kept close to the pond to facilitate weed consumption and elimination of invasive fish fries. At the same time, duck manure is recycled for fish feed. YTL Natural Farm seeks to optimize each and every type of available resources at the farm to enable symbiotic co-existence that promotes growth and degradation. In the continuum of a sustainable life-cycle, our dependence on chemicals can be reduced while contributing to the well being of the planet and mankind. At YTL Natural Farm, we strive to participate in our role towards sustainable farming in the global drive.

Eating healthily, living healthily, this small farm is promising a practical idea at works. At YTL Natural Farm, our vision is for each and every end product to be delivered as ‘a little gift of health’ to all of our customers.

About Us

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